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Do you need a dynamic, down-to-earth, speaker? Anne Watson is a former sleep-in-on-Sunday’s girl, passionate about helping women love themselves for real. Having spent years leading women at a large church in Dallas, Texas, Anne knows first-hand the extreme pressure women face to have it all together. With humor, wit and deep biblical insight, Anne helps women connect the dots between who God says they are and their every day lives. 

Anne loves to encourage, teach, and entertain groups of women with the truth of God’s word. Each session can and will be tweaked to reflect your event, your audience, and your goals. Local and National topics inlude:

  • Unholier Than Thou

  • Love Yourself Like No One Else

  • Monsters & Bullies

  • Perfect Is An Unworthy Goal

  • What it Means to be Badass for Jesus

  • and more.

Anne is also passionate about working with leaders, speakers, and writers. She is available for:

  • Equipping and encouraging leaders in women’s ministry in event planning, team leading, and managing it all.

  • Training speakers to create messages that stick through evaluation & feedback.

  • Helping women with a platform develop mission statements and marketing strategies that make sense.

  • Producing content that moves people. (Book titles, session descriptions, website content, etc.)

  • Guiding women in the art of interviewing for a podcast. 

For more information about these topics or to request a specialty topic, simply click on Contact Anne and fill out the form. 


What People are Saying:

"Anne Watson is one of the most honest, genuine writers I know. She’s kind but never syrupy, and her strength lies in her ability to build women up and motivate them to walk boldly and realize their true strength. I love her because she’s one hundred percent herself at all times and offers a safe haven for the women around her to explore who they are and what they think.." – Melanie Dale, Author of Women Are Scary & It's Not Fair

"Anne Watson is the real deal. She loves Jesus, she loves women and she loves inspiring others to dive deep in God’s Word.  A women’s ministry pro, she shares like a trusted girlfriend. Anne wraps humor and profound insight into one big gift. You will love her the moment you meet her!" – Donna Jones, Author & Speaker

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