Work Hard, Rest Well

Please welcome my very dear friend, Crystal Stine, to the blog today! Crystal's brand new book, Holy Hustle: Embracing a Work-Hard, Rest-Well Life, comes out tomorrow! I can't recommend it enough! Get it wherever books are sold. In the meantime, here's Crystal...

Have you taken time to rest lately?

I get it. I struggle with it too. When we take time to rest, it’s easy to feel guilty. Guilty that we aren’t doing more, guilty that maybe our rest doesn’t look like what the rest of the world tells us it should. Guilty that self-care and soul-care feel indulgent somehow.

Here’s the thing. Your work - and your rest - matters. Whatever it is God has called you to do, it’s important because He has asked you to do it, not because it’s easily explained to the world. And the rest we take, when done to create space to abide with God (no matter where we do it, or what it looks like), can refuel and refresh us to continue to do the work we’ve been given.

Grab your notebook or journal, a blank piece of paper, or open a document on your computer and write down everything you do during the day.

  • Do you keep small people alive?

  • Are you a teacher?

  • Are you gifted with the ministry of availability (my favorite way a blog reader described retirement)?

  • Maybe you’re a writer or a storyteller or your neighborhood event planner.

  • Are you a CEO, a receptionist, an accountant, a preacher, a fitness instructor, or a mail carrier?

Write down all the work you do, and then take a moment to thank God for the role He’s given you in His kingdom.

The message of holy hustle is for everyone because everyone has work to do that honors God.

Now, on the bottom of that list, write the words “I’m not enough.” I know. I don’t like to do it either, because I really enjoy the messages in magazines and books that tell me I can do it! I’m enough! I can make my dreams come true!

But the truth is we can never be enough, not when we’re focusing on the tasks God is giving us to do. We will sin and fail and forget. We will make it about ourselves, and we will slide into striving as we find ourselves subtly manipulating the situation to benefit our goals and agendas.

But Jesus is more than enough to fill in all our weaknesses with His strength. And not only that, although we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength, God is not asking us to do everything. Knowing we're not enough makes room for us to need God, and not doing everything allows us to focus on where we can honor God best while leaving room for other women to do THEIR work alongside us.

It’s not always easy to invite others into the work that we’re doing. It means going against the grain of what the world tells us our hustle should be (all about us!). It means creating margin to slow down and abide with God to make sure we’re on the right course. But we are called to be weird for Jesus, to live differently and respond in a way that makes others look at us and see what God has done in our lives. We can work confidently, with grace and peace and honoring others, because we know God will take care of the judgments. We just need to work hard, rest well, do good, and love others.

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