Why I Hate Green Beans Recap: Lincee Ray Releases New Book

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I admit I had never heard of Lincee Ray before getting an email from her publisher who was looking for a review. (I did receive a free copy of the book but my thoughts and opinions are all my own.)

First, the cover and title intrigued me. I’m the type that does judge a book by its cover. Whatever. I went to the website and discovered her delightful world of recapping television's, The Bachelor. Once upon a time, I was a fan of the show but grew weary of them saying, “For the right reasons,” and “On this journey.” As it happened, my daughter convinced me to come back for this season, and I have to admit, it’s cheesy, mindless fun. I tend to root for the ‘producer’s pick’ now (the woman cast as the villain) now, just to keep it interesting.

Anyway, as a fan of pop culture in general, I instantly felt like Lincee was a soul sister. When the book arrived, I immediately flipped through it, impressed that The Bachelor host, Chris Harrison, had offered an endorsement. Nicely done, Lincee. Since I'm from Texas, I read the chapter about the Dallas Cowboys first, and I can tell you it's a total mic drop story. High fives all around.

From the first chapter, I knew we were somehow separated at birth. Beginning with middle school insecurity, this self-deprecating and positively hysterical author delighted me. She seemed to know all of my hidden insecurities, and I’m certain if we lived anywhere near each other, we’d hang out. She feels like a safe friend.

Each chapter is a different story that will have you cringing and crying. Lincee is a fantastic writer gifted at being vulnerable, hilarious, and wise all at the same time. This book will entertain you, yes, but it will also comfort your soul. You may also decide to set your DVR to record the next season of The Bachelor. I highly recommend enjoying "Why I Hate Green Beans" by Lincee Ray.