Lisa Lloyd's 'Chasing Famous' Prize Pack Giveaway

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I think everyone dreams of being famous. Take the show, American Idol, for example. Thousands and thousands of wanna-be superstars showed up each year to audition for the chance to be famous. Even when someone with no talent whatsoever was rejected, they would stand in front of the exit camera and proclaim that they would be famous one day despite walking away empty-handed.

When I was picked on as a kid, I used to daydream that one day I would become famous and everyone who was mean to me would suddenly want to be my friend. Occasionally, I would just daydream that George Michael would come to my school in a limo to pick me up and everyone would be jealous. (This is an 80’s reference for your new kids.)

The desire for fame can come from many different sources. For Lisa Lloyd, the author of “Chasing Famous: Living the Life You’ve Always Auditioned For” fame was sought on an actual stage. Regardless of where we seek it, as a mom, a wife, an employee or even a paid communicator, the idea of being famous seems to fill a void for people. Maybe we think being famous is the coups de grace for being accepted, valued and possibly validated. It also looks like a lot of glamor and fun.

Chasing Famous takes a look at the reality of seeking personal fame, including the stress and uncertainty of each audition whether it’s in life or for a role. Through personal introspection and deeply moving stories, Lisa shares openly about the inner battles and the true costs that come from believing your value lies in the opinion of man. By shifting focus to using any platform we have to make the name of God famous, we open ourselves up to more abundant life, more meaningful relationships and the peace that transcends all understanding.

More than that, Chasing Famous spews wisdom that inspires courage! Each of us is called to live out a God-given purpose but too many of us give in to fear and insecurity, never fully reaching our potential. Lisa tackles each of our uncertainties with such power that you may find yourself fist-pumping and whooping, ready to shed anything that hinders you. Like me, you’ll realize that there is no such thing as a small purpose. By shifting the focus to making the name of God famous, we are released from the pressure of performance and freed to follow our dreams with gusto.

Whether you have let something hold you back, you’ve felt the sting of failure, or you simply feel like no one notices you, Chasing Famous will give you a new perspective and ignite a passion in your soul that may surprise you. No matter what task lies before you, if you work to make God’s glorious name famous in it, you’ll find the void you had been trying to fill slips away as you are finally fully living the life you were always meant to.