Email Newsletter October 21, 2018

Hello, friends!

Happy Monday to you! I feel as though I’ve been off-grid for a while but I’m getting back into a normal routine.

The 8th annual Declare conference was at the beginning of this month and I am still in awe of all God did. It was a hard year, personally, for our team but we kept reminding each other that God was up to something and to stay strong. After all, that’s what a Warrior (the theme of the conference) would do.

Of course, God showed up huge and stole the show. It was three days of inspiration, practical tips, and digging deep. My heart could not have been more full. Here’s what I want to leave you with: If you are a Christian writer, speaker, podcaster, or communicator then you’re got to join us for Declare next year. Our theme is “Get Your Hopes Up” and we’ve already seen God moving. It’s so exciting!

I kept walking around the event high-fiving women like crazy! It was SO MUCH FUN!

The most life-giving team in all of history.

One interesting thing that come from my time at Declare is that I’ve decided to so a little consulting. Apparently, I do marketing, branding, speaking, and leadership training like it’s breathing. It’s one of those things I love to do but it never occurred to me to do it professionally. My hope is that if you are a Christian communicator (or know one) that is looking to grow in these areas, I can help. In fact, you can find more information here.

That is a little about what is going on with me right now. I am hoping to get a little more consistent with emailing you, but I never want to spam you. Lord knows ain’t nobody got time for that! So I created a little survey on the website where you can give me a little feedback about what would help you the most.


My goal is to help women who desperately want to answer the call of God on their lives but feel held back because they feel unworthy or beat down. It’s time to stop being down on yourself and unleash the woman you were created to be!

This picture is my face when you tell me the reason you think you aren’t good enough.


Ok, I’m going to wrap this up but before I go, I want to tell you about some amazing new books by a few women I have the privilege to direct message on social media.

Please note these are NOT affiliate links (It’s illegal to put links to Amazon products in an email and I am a rule follower. Mostly.) That means I’m not being paid to tell you about these works of art. I just believe in these women and their work so much I HAD to share them with you!! I hope you will order these books, tell your friends about them, and then stalk all the authors on social media (lovingly, of course.)

  • Sacred Ground Stick Floors by Jami Amerine (released Oct. 2)

  • Missionary Mom by Shontell Brewer (released Oct. 2)

  • Infreakin Fertility by Melanie Dale (releases Oct. 23 - TOMORROW!)

  • Freedom by Jennifer Watson (releases Feb. 19)

These women are some of the most real people on the planet! They are smart, hilarious, and deeply profound! Seriously, these are the women you call your best friend, have coffee with, cry with, dream with, and laugh with. Don’t miss these incredible authors and their latest work.

I have put all these books on my Amazon page for your convenience. (You should probably know that if you visit it and buy a book, I might get a few cents but it’s not even enough for cup of coffee.)

I feel like I could talk to you forever but I’m sure you have a life you need to get to so I’ll wrap it up. Join me on Instagram if you want! I’m on there a lot and would love to chat with you. Also, if you know someone who might like the blog, would you consider inviting them to check it out? (I’m working on a book idea and the publisher I’m talking to says I need more followers, which sounds icky but really, it’s about finding the women of the world who need to be built up and unleashed! So thanks!)

Have an amazing week and thanks for reading all the way to the end. You are winning at life right now, friend!

Much love to you,


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