Ten Ways to Connect to God eBook

Ten Ways to Connect to God eBook


Have you ever felt as though you know God exists but he seems to have forgotten you? How do you know that God is truly active in your everyday life and hears your prayers?

This ebook is a collection of stories of how I experienced God in my everyday life. Knowing where God has shown up gives me the confidence to know he will show up again. 

This eBook will help you:

  • Begin to notice God in your life today.

  • Create a list of ways God has been faithful.

  • Affirm that God knows you, sees you and is always with you.

  • Rest assured that God's last act of faithfulness in your life is not his last act of faithfulness. 

I hope that when you read this eBook you will be able to look back and see how God has been moving in your life. Then you will not only learn to recognize him every day but when life gets hard you'll have the confidence to know God is with you. Be sure to use the FREE workbook download as a companion to this eBook. 

Thank you for reading this small offering and best wishes for a lot of fun as you being to connect the God Dots. 

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