How Can I Help?

Fun fact: I graduated from college with a degree in Advertising. It was my dream profession until I figured out they how much I would get paid. At the time I was the primary bread winner so that wouldn’t work. Instead, I have used my skills in advertising, marketing and public relations in every single job or role I’ve ever had (even when I was an elementary school room mom, y’all.)

Branding & marketing come as naturally to me as breathing and it is one of my great joys to help friends with things like: developing a book concept, brand strategy & clarity, marketing strategy, writing a mission statement, building their email list, networking, incentives, promotions, events, and coming up with titles for their projects like ministries, conferences, podcasts, and books.

Regardless of whether you need an entire strategy from scratch or just a few ideas for making the most of an opportunity (making videos, sponsoring events, releasing a book, etc.) I would love to help you get the word out!

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