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Anne M Watson’s business consulting services exceeded my expectations in EVERY way! Her advice was concise, practical, and organized. Anne did her homework before our meeting, making our meeting time even more efficient. She is the consummate professional’s professional. Everyone just starting out, reinventing themselves, or fine-tuning their business should consult with Anne first!!
— Dr. Alexis Gordon, Renew MD Medical Spa & Aesthetics


I am the girl bursting with ideas who can’t wait to help you with a few strategies to

make your ministry, business, project, or dream the best it can be!

Let’s work together. I promise it’s going to be fun!


Take the Stage

Crafting and delivering a message that matters is harder than it looks, especially when your nerves feel out of control. Fortunately, confidence is something that can be learned with the use of helpful tools, honest feedback, and practice. Whether you are brand new or have been a pro for a long time, discover how to make your voice and your message move in the hearts of your audience and change the world.


What is Your Style?

For women on a mission to share the message of their hearts, mastering the tools that get you heard can be overwhelming and discouraging. If done well, however, it can become a valuable and fun way to connect to your true audience in a way that engages, delights, and encourages them. Find out why it's not as difficult as it looks and how you can confidently use the art of promotion to propel your mission forward.


Like a Boss

Whether you are leading a ministry, a Bible study, a book club, or a group of friends, your role as a woman in leadership has never been more important. With practical and inspirational insight gained from years of leading women vocationally and voluntarily, you or your group will learn your leadership style, how to lead in conflict, and why leading may be the most fun thing you ever do.


* The big question is: What will this cost me? To that I say two things:

1) I promise I’m affordable. and 2) What will it cost you if you don’t do this?

Just sayin.