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What Did You Expect?

What struck me is the number of people who indicated, mostly in an undertone, they were (on some level) dissatisfied with the way their life turned out. They would use phrases like, “I’m just a production manager,” or “I never left FedEx.”

It’s as if they are saying, “I had the lowest of expectations, and I’m still disappointed.”

It made me think about my own life and where I’ve been and where I hope to go. The truth is, I am not where I want to be. Yet.

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You Haven't Wasted Your Life. Yet.

If only someone had encouraged me. If only I didn’t care what people thought. If only I had a wise grandmother or a fairy godmother pouring into me, I wouldn’t have wasted all of this time.

The come the ‘what if’ fears. What if I missed my calling? What if I’m too old now? What if no one will give me a chance?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of those questions, then you know it’s hard not to think that you somehow wasted your life and now it’s too late. Opportunity knocked and when no one answered, it moved on like the Avon lady.

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