Hacking Your To Do List: Tame Your Chaos

If you are a “solo-preneur” trying to run a business, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of trying to all the things and feeling overwhelmed. Lord knows I’ve done it. I consider myself to be a somewhat organized person (because I fear chaos), but since organizing isn’t my passion, eventually I find myself in a bit of a mess.

You’re like me if you have lists with similar content in more than one place on your computer, phone, iPad, and in your head. You’d love to be more organized, but it’s not your jam, and you would rather work on the dream instead of the minute details. The trouble is that when you feel like you are all over the place, everything you do gets watered down.

Hello rut.

The question is, how do you handle the chaos in a way that helps you stay consistent in your message, motivated to keep going, and like you are managing your ministry well?

One of the greatest tips I’ve used is to make a TO-DON’T List.

I have a million to-do lists, but since I can’t do it all, what are the things I can agree not to do so I don’t feel guilty or overwhelmed by them?

Hacking Your To Do List
  • I don’t take more than one online class at a time.

  • I don’t have my phone in the same room when I am trying to write.

  • I don’t check my email more than once per day.

  • I don’t let critical comments into my heart or head.

Other important to-don’ts are more lifestyle based.

  • I don’t volunteer at my kid's school because it sucks the life out of me. (I love my kids, I promise!)

  • I don’t worry about unmade beds and laundry that needs folding when I’m working.

  • I don’t work on weekends so I can spend time with my family.

And the biggest to-don’t I have on my list is:

  • I don’t apologize for going hard after my dream.

I used to feel guilty about all the things I wasn’t doing, but friends, all that ever does is take up space in my brain. It doesn’t make me better, serve my audience, help my family, or anything else I value.

Guilt is out. Freedom to work on my passion is in. 

Sure, there are critics, and there always will be. But I always remind myself that Jesus was literally the perfect human, and the haters crucified him. So if Jesus can’t escape it, neither can I. Some people won't agree with what you don’t do, but they aren’t the ones in the driver’s seat. You are.

Keep your eyes on the road ahead, not on the backseat driver.

Now it’s your turn to make a to-don’t list. What are you going to release the pressure valve on so that you can invest in your brand or business? Maybe it’s for a short season or the long haul. The point is, it’s yours. Write it down and put it somewhere you tend to look at each day.

I’ve told you mine, now you tell me yours. I might want to take a cue from you and add it to my list of don’ts. What is one big thing you are putting on your to-don’t list today?